Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Listen to the Audio Journal of the Phil Krause Family

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, FamilyLife Today will air a special "audio journal" of FamilyLife Today's editor, Phil Krause's family as God leads them to adopt two children in Ethiopia. The Krause's were a pioneer family for Gladney. So before or after the turkey, gather the family to listen in and be blessed.

FamilyLife Today Audio

Monday, November 20, 2006

BBC World and BBC Prime

BBC World and BBC Prime will broadcast a program on the current interest in Ethiopian adoptions by U.S. families. Gladney was the only adoption agency the BBC chose for this program. Ryan and Abby Brown, Gladney's Ethiopian In-Country Facilitators, were interviewed today in Addis Ababa by the film crew at Kechene Children's Home, one of the government run orphanages. Another Gladney family, Todd and Darlene Voskuil will be interviewed tomorrow and again on Wednesday when they fly back home. The segment is expected to be aired this Friday evening, November 24th, so if your cable or satellite service carries either one of these stations, please tune in. You might also be able to catch audio portion of the program on BBC World Service or NPR as they will be airing during the next few weeks.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Arrrival in Addis

Our group arrived in Addis very late Monday evening, but had an early Tuesday morning meeting scheduled with a Gladney parent that has lived in Ethiopia over the last 20 years. She and her husband bring such a deep understanding of the culture, political, economic and social fabric of this country. Her husband is a Veterinarian that specializes in camels if you can believe that. His travels take him all over the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. When asked about the current warnings being issued, they say it is the same as in the U.S., if something did happen they want to cover their backs, but they have no concrete evidence that anything is going to occur. They also say that Addis is so far from the border and that the Ethiopian army is the largest in Africa, so for any one group or country to invade would be next to impossible. Please rest assured that all is quiet here.

The weather is beautiful, in the mid 70's and even a little hot at mid-day. Nights are much cooler and Monica and I sleep with a heater since our house is not well insulated.

Gladney's Transitional Care Center is something to be proud of. The children get so much attention and are really getting "fattened up." We held and prayed for each infant at the center and know you all are ready for your journey to end. The staff- to-child ratio is very evident when you walk into the rooms. Know that each child is loved and cared for immensely.

Good news is coming on Kathleen's replacement and you should hear about very soon if you haven't heard already. Ryan, Abby and Enoch get here tonight and will hit the ground running to see that your Gladney adoption experience is the best it can be.

All is well here so I will sign off now.

Blessings on each and every one,

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gladney in the News

The following is a link to the story that ran on the 10 p.m. newscast, Thursday, October 26, on WFAA Channel 8. The story features Scott, Ryan, Abby & Enoch Brown:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adoption Assistants

We are very happy to announce that Ryan and Abby Brown have been hired as Gladney employees to assist our Ethiopia program. They will be In-Country Facilitators for Gladney and are leaving for Ethiopia the middle of November. They will both be available by Gladney email. We are so excited to have them on board assisting our efforts in Ethiopia and wish them well!

Their primary goals will be to: (1) Increase awareness and interest in Gladney's Ethiopian adoption program, (2) Serve Gladney's adoptive families before and during travel for placement of their child(ren) and (3) Provide care to orphans in Ethiopia.

From Abby and Ryan: Gladney is committed to the orphaned children of Ethiopia. Do you realize that at the current rate of adoption, only .03% of Ethiopian orphans will be adopted by all families in every country in the world? Because of those staggering statistics, Gladney has asked us to tutor and teach English to the older children so they can have a better chance at being adopted or will have the skills to become gainfully employed when they age-out of the orphanage.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ethiopia Bright Futures Camp

Sunday, September 03, 2006
Mekdes - Available 10 year old girl

Our family hosted a ten year old girl named Mekdes. We were impressed by the level of commitment and care that the personnel at Gladney demonstrated in organizing and executing the 2006 Bright Futures Camp. The staff at Gladney made every effort to prepare the families with the information and insight needed to make the hosting experience a positive one for all concerned. Our entire family has been profoundly touched and inspired by the goodness and compassion of all the wonderful people we have met during the camp. This has been a life-changing experience for our three daughters and ourselves, and one we will never forget.
Mekdes is a shy, bright and strong-willed child. She likes to be called “Ka-CHOO”, which means “skinny” in Amharic. She enjoys physical activities including soccer, running and tag. She likes many types of music and plays well with others. She demonstrates great determination in all that she does. This is evident in her teaching herself to swim in our backyard pool in less than two days time. Mekdes is opinionated and knows what she does and does not like. She understands more English than she speaks and is more comfortable speaking in her native language. Mekdes enjoys being the center of attention. When interested in something she is focused and exhibits strong resolve. Mekdes can be moody and sometimes has to be asked more than once to do something. She is very independent, self-reliant and helpful if asked. Mekdes is a special child who has tremendous potential. We pray that she finds the right forever family to love and be loved.
Please see

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here's An Easy Way You Can Give

1800Diapers offers cheaper prices for Pampers, Huggies, other diapers, wipes and formula than Wal-mart and Target. And they deliver to your door for FREE with NO sales tax. There's no catch.

On top of that, both you and Gladney can get even CHEAPER prices. If you sign up (either through or calling 1-800-DIAPERS) and give them our email address or Referral Code, you get an extra $2 credit off your first order and Gladney will get a $1 credit EVERY time you order.

This credit will assist us in purchasing diapers for babies in our Transitional Care as well as babies in the orphanages we work with.

Email Address:
Referral Code: THCE5959

Check it out--go to To get your extra $2 credit, make sure you give them our email address or Referral Code WHEN you are signing up.

Thanks for your help!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Camp kids at a pizza party at the Sheraton

Belay, Gladney's In-country Facilitator and Brianna, an orphanage volunteer, were teaching the kids table manners, so they took the kids to the Sheraton for pizza. What a treat for them.

Don’t the boys look great in their jackets and the girls with their hair fixed?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can You Help?

In the entire world, there is but one priceless commodity that ensures the world's future . . . children. Gladney feels it is important to promote the well being of children and to make their lives better in the process.

When the children attending the Bright Futures Camp - Ethiopia return to their home country in September, they are able to take two bags filled with humanitarian aid back with them. You can help by:

-Purchasing items through Target gift registry
-Purchasing gift card through the Gladney Boutique
-Writing a check made payable to Gladney Center for Adoption (in the memo, designate BFC-Ethiopia)

These donations will provide the needed supplies listed below:

-Infant formula
-Diaper rash ointment
-Baby wipes

Thank you for helping make a difference in a child's life!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Humanitarian Aid Made Easy

There is now an easy way that you can provide humanitarian aid to the Ethiopian orphanages. Gladney has teamed up with Target's Baby Registry. You can purchase the humanitarian aid online and the items will be sent home with the Bright Futures Campers to their respective orphanages. The Registry is under Gladney Ethiopia. To view the list, please click here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Open Your Heart & Home - Bright Futures Camp - Ethiopia

There are millions of children living in orphanages around the globe. These children will likely never experience the love and nurturing that a forever family can provide. It is Gladney's hope that the annual "Bright Futures Camp" will increase awareness for the need for international adoptive parents and help children around the world. The mission of the camp is to build positive awareness of international adoption and increase awareness of the many more children in orphanages needing permanent homes.

Gladney's Bright Futures Camp - Ethiopia is scheduled for August 2006 in Long Island, NY.
The Gladney Center for Adoption is looking for families to fill various roles during these children's visit to the United States.

Sign Up Today!If you are interested in participating in the camp, please complete a brief Information Sheet that gives you an opportunity to share information about your family.
There are many other ways to become involved in the camp. Help Gladney create bright futures through adoption!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Phil and Christy - Ethiopia

Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude at all that God has done for us. During our trip to Ethiopia, the girls, Christy, and I started memorizing Psalm 139. I was struck by verse three, where David prays, "You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways." The thought that God Himself is searching out our path for us is comforting. We never would have expected to be adopting two precious babies from Ethiopia, but the path that He searched out for us included exactly that.

All our paperwork went very smoothly...a tribute to much diligent work on the part of our adoption agency, the Gladney Center for Adoption. Probably the most difficult aspect of the trip was the trip itself: many long hours on airplanes and in airports. But God gave grace there, too. We stayed healthy the whole time, we fell in love with the people and culture of Ethiopia, and (best of all) we now have two added blessings in our family: Abraham Kirubel and Grace Anne Hermela. Kirubel and Hermela were their given names, which we decided to keep as middle names. The picture was taken the day we picked up Gracie and Abe. The lady in the middle is the director of Abe's orphanage. It was encouraging to see how much they loved the children they care for.

Gladney Center for Adoption Licensed in Ethiopia

On December 6, 2005, the Gladney Center for Adoption received approval to facilitate adoptions in Ethiopia.