Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can You Help?

In the entire world, there is but one priceless commodity that ensures the world's future . . . children. Gladney feels it is important to promote the well being of children and to make their lives better in the process.

When the children attending the Bright Futures Camp - Ethiopia return to their home country in September, they are able to take two bags filled with humanitarian aid back with them. You can help by:

-Purchasing items through Target gift registry
-Purchasing gift card through the Gladney Boutique
-Writing a check made payable to Gladney Center for Adoption (in the memo, designate BFC-Ethiopia)

These donations will provide the needed supplies listed below:

-Infant formula
-Diaper rash ointment
-Baby wipes

Thank you for helping make a difference in a child's life!