Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ethiopia Bright Futures Camp

Sunday, September 03, 2006
Mekdes - Available 10 year old girl

Our family hosted a ten year old girl named Mekdes. We were impressed by the level of commitment and care that the personnel at Gladney demonstrated in organizing and executing the 2006 Bright Futures Camp. The staff at Gladney made every effort to prepare the families with the information and insight needed to make the hosting experience a positive one for all concerned. Our entire family has been profoundly touched and inspired by the goodness and compassion of all the wonderful people we have met during the camp. This has been a life-changing experience for our three daughters and ourselves, and one we will never forget.
Mekdes is a shy, bright and strong-willed child. She likes to be called “Ka-CHOO”, which means “skinny” in Amharic. She enjoys physical activities including soccer, running and tag. She likes many types of music and plays well with others. She demonstrates great determination in all that she does. This is evident in her teaching herself to swim in our backyard pool in less than two days time. Mekdes is opinionated and knows what she does and does not like. She understands more English than she speaks and is more comfortable speaking in her native language. Mekdes enjoys being the center of attention. When interested in something she is focused and exhibits strong resolve. Mekdes can be moody and sometimes has to be asked more than once to do something. She is very independent, self-reliant and helpful if asked. Mekdes is a special child who has tremendous potential. We pray that she finds the right forever family to love and be loved.
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