Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just $75 bucks!

A pair of shoes. A round of cocktails. An evening at the movies.

It’s so easy to blow through $75, but did you realize you could actually give another human being the gift of hope, mobility and freedom?

The company of one of Gladney's families adopting from Ethiopia was offered the special opportunity to write and produce a 60 second commercial for a non-profit group called the Wheelchair Foundation. This incredible organization provides FREE, high quality wheelchairs to people around the world who've lost use of their legs but are simply too poor to even purchase a wheelchair. Imagine, in today's day and age, over 100 million people worldwide literally crawling on the ground to get from one place to the other. Shocking, but sadly, quite true.

This new commercial will be airing on TV and the hope is it will make it's way across the internet (so please feel free to post on your blogs and spread the word. If you can’t get this to play, we have it on You Tube). There are so many ways to give to others, but what we love about this organization is how one gift of just $75 will give another person a lifetime of mobility -- something we so easily take for granted. (And if money is tight, you can do payments as low as $7.50 a month!)

THIS SPECIFIC COMMERCIAL is tagged with a unique 800# (800 584-0796) that will track and ensure ANY DONATIONS via this specific 800# will provide free wheelchairs specially for those in need in ETHIOPIA. So PLEASE call the number once you watch the commercial and buy someone a wheelchair. Make sure you order from the 800# so we can track how many chairs go specifically to Ethiopia. If you order from the website, you'll still be donating to a wonderful cause, but your donation won't necessarily be earmarked for Ethiopia.

Over the coming weeks you can get updates on Drew and Carey's blog to reflect how many wheelchairs for Ethiopia have been generated to date.

Watch the video!