Friday, October 19, 2007

Somali - Eritrean tension

There have been reports coming out of Ethiopia concerning the Somali - Eritrean tension. Remember that Ethiopia is about twice the size of Texas and that most of these incidents are taking place in the outer districts (near the border) and are being provoked by non Ethiopian citizens. Also remember our media is in the business of sensationalizing events in order to whet the appetite of the American public, after all when was the last time you saw something positive about an African country?

Scott Brown, our Executive Vice President is traveling to Ethiopia the end of October for nearly three weeks and will be traveling to Gunchire which is about 3 ½ hours southwest of Addis. Also remember that Gladney has an American couple on staff in Addis who have been stationed there since November 9, 2006 and another American couple traveling the middle of November, 2007 to assist you with your travels and adoption. Gladney does not feel any hesitancy in those couples fulfilling their duties in Ethiopia at this point. This is not to say that things can’t or won’t change, but we see no reason to be alarmed at this point. The State Department has a website to inform interested parties of situations occurring in-country. At this writing, Ethiopia is not even on the list. If you would like to monitor the State Department site for information, go to .

As a Gladney family, please rest assured you will be kept informed of circumstances which may affect your travel, your adoption or the well being of your child through information we obtain from our “feet on the ground” in-country and through our friends in the U.S. government.

For the orphans of Ethiopia,
The Ethiopian Program Team