Friday, January 29, 2010


I am up this morning working while the internet and power is on, you never know when it will go out so you work while you have the chance. I have a lunch meeting with Abiy, one of Gladney employees who started out with us in the beginning of this program. He is a very hard working, dedicated employee and I appreciate him and what he has helped us get accomplished here.

He takes me back to the office and I meet with Anbes, Gladney’s Humanitarian Aid Director, and Yemamu, the young man who helps him. Anbes is telling me that we have 65 more orphans who need assistance in our scholarship program, which will come to another $5,000 per month that he has asked me to try to raise. Anbes also has several other projects that he is going to write a proposal to submit to me about a bread/injera making business. He hopes to send several of the orphans to pastry school and upon graduation, set up this business to sell to the Gladney Foster Care Centers as well as the three government run orphanages.

We leave the office for a quick walk across the street and behind an alley to a hairdressing shop run by one of the Kechene girls. It is a small shop with 4 chairs, but it is bustling with clients. She has 4 workers working for her and Gladney just bought additional equipment so she could expand her clientele. One of the stipulations we put on her by providing the equipment is that she can only hire Kechene girls to work for her. There is a new retail/office building being built and she already has negotiated for space in it. Another example of the potential of these older orphans who are ageing out of the orphanages. Sadly, most end up on the streets.

I have a very pleasant dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with Aschalew, Hirut – his wife, and Fikir – his 4 year old son. They drive me back to the guest house and I am off to bed.


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