Saturday, January 23, 2010


I wondered why I was so tired the night before; it was because I had the beginning stages of food poisoning! I haven’t said much about the water being off several days a week, but it so happened that the water was off. Travis and Joanna have a tank that holds extra water, but when it is out you have no water at all. You never know when it will come back on, so you conserve as much as you can by not flushing the toilet, taking a shower, or washing your hands, etc.

I stayed in bed for about 18 hours, but then decided to wash my hair and bathe. The water was still off and so I had to do this with a cold bucket of water. Needless to say it was a quick bath. I stayed in bed sleeping most of the time until 7:00 when Beki, one of the drivers, picked me up to go to the airport to pick up Eric and Susan. Eric is the Executive Chef for Pei Wei and was at the Gladney Gala and the Gladney Cup in New York last October. He was so moved by the humanitarian aid Gladney does, he flew from his home office in Arizona to Fort Worth to meet with us. I told him about this trip and asked if he would like to come, so here he is.

I got back to my room at 10:00 and went straight to bed.


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