Monday, February 01, 2010

Buttermilk Biscuits …

As I step out of my room, the smell of biscuits and eggs surround me. Chef Eric is cooking breakfast for us and I cannot wait. Marta, one of the workers at the guest house senses that so she brings me a glass of mango juice with two fluffy biscuits and butter. Eric said those were his “test batch” and I thought they passed the test. With the altitude being 7,000 feet, no measuring cups, different ingredients than what you get in the U.S., I was surprised at how he managed to get them to bake just like home. We waited on Belay and then sat down to fresh coffee, buttermilk biscuits, butter (of course), cherry and strawberry jam and scrambled eggs with fresh rosemary, parsley, and goat cheese. One word – awesome!

We then leave to pick up the medical team at the Ghion Hotel. As I said, they have been working night and day and so after working this morning, they are going to visit our foster care centers and do some shopping. A few have already left for their return to Fort Worth, but we pick up 19 of them and need three vans for our outing. We head first to the Gladney Foster Care Centers and I really had to keep my eye on several of them because I do believe if given the chance, they would sneak a few of these kids out with them.

We then leave to go to the Kechene Girls shop. This is the shop Belay set up for the girls who aged out of Kechene to sell the products they make, as well as other products they buy wholesale and then sell in this shop. The items that the team bought mean so much to the support of these young women. We then went to some other shops for more shopping, then to Island Breeze for a burger before Dr. Vincent Tam and Dr. Teresa Holland had to catch their flight. The rest of the team leave Sunday evening, so they will be getting up tomorrow to make the trek to Entoto Mountain.

Belay takes me back to the guest house so I can pack and get up at 4:00 am for my flight to Mekelle. Belay’s day is not over yet, though as he goes to the hospital to check on Tsega, the little boy from Kechene and another child who was admitted today for pneumonia.

So it’s off to bed…


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