Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mommy’s Heart Went POP!

Christina Kyllonen (Director of Development, 4-more) and Peter Greer (President, HOPE International) have teamed up to write a children’s story specifically for multiracial families who have been formed through adoption. Our hope is that this book, Mommy’s Heart Went POP!, will help encourage and equip families in their adoption and post-adoption journey.

Adopted children are often referred to as ‘heart-born children’ and with this in mind, the reader watches the mommy’s heart grow bigger and bigger as she prepares to bring her child home. One of our early reviewers commented that this book helps to "bring greater understanding to the depth of love that was reserved for that child by the parent."

Once this book has launched, all proceeds from book sales will go towards adoption grants and orphan care through the Ruby Myles fund, a newly developing branch of 4-more. We think that it is very fitting that a book about adoption be used as a tool to bring more children home to their forever families.